[Tutorial 01] Pendulum dowsing basics: Start with your mental focus and psychokinesis!

What is a pendulum (for dowsing)?

It is used with one hand.

It is used for dowsing and communicate with spirit.

Although there are many names on what should be communicated with. I prefer the name “spirit”.

What you need:

1) Something similar to the weight and size of an AA battery. Please use an object that is not hollow in the center, easier to focus.

2) A tiny string, easier for the pendulum to swing.

1+2) Tie the object with the string. Heavy at bottom, light on top, longer part at middle, tie the string firm, so it is more balanced. There you have a pendulum and ready to go!

Practice A: Mental focus, spontaneous psychokinesis

1) Pick up your pendulum’s string with your fingers, elbow on table, still your hand, hang your pendulum in the midair. Let the pendulum be still. You can relax your hand by supporting your hand’s weight with your elbow and have another hand to suport the hand you hold the pendulum, having just your fingers exert force grabbing the string.

2) Stare at your pendulum, focus your mind at its mass center. What is mass center? It is the center of weight of an object in balance, like when you rotate an object there will always be a fixed center for it to spin perfectly in circle.

3) When it starts to move, keep your sight on it, continuously focusing your mind at its mass center. It will swing at the highest and now you can stop.

Do not move your hand.

The mental focus is similar to tuning a radio. If you can't focus the mass center at the first time, try to focus around the middle of the pendulum, left right back front up down. When you sense your pendulum starts moving, lock your mental focus at the location that moves your pendulum, that is its mass center. Keep focusing at it and it will swing higher and hit the highest. 

If you feel tired in your head, you can relax your mind by looking at the pendulum slowly slowing down and stop. 

The spontaneous phsycokineis is like a cosmic movement, you focus and it moves.

Practice B: Directional psychokinesis

1) and 2) Same as above.

3) Use your mind to push the pendulum (precisely on its mass center). Make it swings large and then try to stop it in a sudden with your mind. If you can sense the mass center of the pendulum, you should also be able to move it psychokinetically. 

If you feel tired in your head, you can relax your mind by looking at the pendulum slowly slowing down and stop. 


1) Do not move your hand. The movement of the pendulum has to be purely mental.

2) Do not focus on whole surface or whole body of the pendulum, you need to focus right on its mass center. There is a sense of mental contact with the mass center when you do it right. Else, you might not be able to do and it won’t move.

Start dowsing!

Through this, you should understand a sense on how your mind can react with the mass center of a pendulum. With that, you can use the pendulum to ask spirit question.

Don’t know where to start?

Easy. Similar to Practice A, focus on the pendulum’s mass center, in addition of holding a question in your mind, or focus your question mentally at the pendulum's mass center.  Ask the pendulum to show a move for “yes” and another for “no”, e.g. "Dear pendulum please show me your yes", "Dear pendulum please show me your no". After that, you basically can ask anything with that pendulum’s yes and no.

You can say it out or just in your mind of your question.

This sums up the basic of what you need to learn in order to communicate with a spirit with a pendulum.

By Applied Astraldynamics Wikia