[Tutorial 02] Body and mental dowsing, without your pendulum!

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Body and mental dowsing are actually a communication to your own spirit.

It is instantaneous and more flexible as compared to the pendulum.

What is your own spirit? It is like your another self. There are other names like soul, higherself, subconscious and etc., but aren’t important. It only matters of if you can do it or not. Your spirit will give you its own answer, not of what people have told you.

Before you proceed further to this step, you should first practice and experience the sense of mental focus and psychokinesis in the previous post here . Otherwise, it is hard to understand. Words cannot explain how it really feels, you have to experience it by yourself.



A) Standing mental focus (Kriya yoga / Spontaneous qigong)

What you need:

1) Clean and quiet place. Better with in a closed room or a place that has no people to interfere, because the body may move in a strange way

2) You, better after bath

How to practice:

1) Stand up

2) Mentally focus on your consciousness center.

3) Your body will move. When it does, continue to focus at your consciousness center, until your body stops by

This is nearly identical to the previous Practice A of the pendulum, which is to focus at the pendulum's mass center. However, unlike in pendulum, now you are not focusing at the mass center of your body, but a consciousness center in your mind. Remember when you are focusing at the pendulum’s mass center, although the mass center is physically known, but the act is purely mental, this is same with your consciousness center and you just have to act on it mentally. When you are focusing it right, your body will, just like the pendulum, moves by itself.

However this time, the consciousness center is not a point but rather a mental region. The mental focus here is also similar to tuning a radio. If you can't focus the consciousness center at the first time, try to focus around, left right back front up down. When you sense your body starts moving, lock your mental focus at the location that moves your body, that is your consciousness center.

There is no way to fully describe what this is unless you experience it by yourself. Nobody can tell you where your consciousness center is, you need to feel it yourself.

Alright, maybe, the consciousness center does feel like located inside the head. However, understand this, our mind can actually focus at anywhere therefore it has no real origin.

Sorry, no way to explain this any better, it will be confusing to add more detail.

The key is: Mentally focus at the consciousness center, let the body moves by itself, and let it stops by itself.

B) Sleeping mental focus (Astral projection)

What you need:

1) and 2) Same as above.

3) A bed.

How to practice:

1) Lay down on your bed. Fully relax your body. Forget your body.

2) Mentally focus at your consciousness center.

3) Your body will move by itself and your consciousness center will be moving as well. The movement of the consciousness center has no direct relation to your body movement, ignore your body. Keep focusing at your consciousness center, follow where it goes until it stops. However most of the time you will fall into sleep but that is just fine.

This is also similar to the standing one. The key is to mentally focus at the consciousness center.

The difference is, standing mental focus focuses at a static consciousness center, while the sleeping mental focus focuses at a moving consciousness center.

Wait, static consciousness center on standing mental focus? The detail is at here. When you experience it, you will understand it naturally. The explanation is not priority.

Another thing to note about this moving consciousness center is that it is not really always moving, sometimes it can stay still for a while, or form a cluster of mental region, or spin, or change shape or etc.

Anyway, again, the key of success to this is: Mentally focus at the consciousness center!


It is fine to have thoughts during the practices, just don’t go and focus into them. You don’t want to mess up your mind and develop mental illness.

Only after you have finished the practice, then you can try to recall and think about these weird thoughts are.

Alright, about the spontaneous body movement during the standing mental focus, it is your own spirit attempting to communicate with you through body language. Next, you might have strange dreams on the sleeping mental focus, which is another way of your own spirit to communicate.

In the nut shell, through these two practices, you will naturally try to gasp about yourself with all these body movements and strange dreams. It is your own spirit, your another self in action.

Yes, there are definitely many names and theories about these. Try to look by your own online, search for kriya yoga / spontaneous qigong and astral projection.

===== ===== =====


You have to have experienced the previous practices in order to do it.

Before that, I am constantly emphasizing on mentally focusing at consciousness center, to keep everything simple.

This time, it will be complicated. If below confuses you, just do the practices in the previous until you get used to them.

A reminder, all these are mental and cannot be fully explained accept by experiencing them yourself.

Remember how you learn about mentally focusing on the mass center of the pendulum;

Which later you develop your sense on this into mentally focusing on your own consciousness center;

They are mental acts that cause the physical movements, on pendulum and on your body;

With these experiences, now you are going to apply them in some more complicated practices.

A) Communicate your own spirit with your body

1) Relax a part of your body. Like your hands, put your hands on a table or your legs or anything else, face your palms up, relax your hands. Or just stand up and fully relax your hand and hanging it freely.

2) Mentally focus at your hands. Think about your moving your left hand as “yes” and your right as “no”.

3) Ask question. For example, have you drink enough water, need to drink or not. Focus on your left hand to feel if it is moving by itself or not, and your right. The answer is what you have set in 2).

That’s all.

It is very short isn’t it? Yes.

Yet it is also seemingly impossible?

No, everyone is able to do it. It is just you need to have the experience and get it.

Without the previous experiences, you will only focus on feeling your hands which will not work. Once you have the experience that there is a consciousness center, you will get it and focus it right to command your body to move by itself. You know there is a difference between focusing on your body or at the consciousness center. Naturally, when you try to ask your body, focus at your hands to see if it can answer your question, you are doing it by focusing on the consciousness center.

Wait, the body is telling the answer? Isn’t it supposed to be the spirit? Well, yes, actually they are both the same. It is just different ways to say it.

Again, this cannot be fully explained, you have to experience and understand it by yourself.

B) Communicate your own spirit with your mind

1) Relax your brain, your thoughts, your consciousness, your emotion etc.

2) Mentally focus at your brain. Think about your brain answer “yes” as ------, and “no” as another ------.

3) Ask question. For example, have you drink enough water, need to drink or not. Focus at your brain on “yes” to feel if there is the ------, and “no” if there is another ------.

That’s all.

I am unable to explain how, what and why the ------ is about. It is just a mental sense inside the brain.

There is nothing complicated here, yet it just sounds strange because people have never experienced it before.

This is not the telepathy like you find in fiction. No, there is no sound ringing inside your head. You have to think about the question and answer and feel what your brain (spirit) has chosen.


1) Both communications can be used at once. The brain communication is more effective but less apparent, you can use your body to double confirm on what you get with your brain.

2) Beside “yes” and “no”, you can have other way of answering with your body and mind. Like, what kind of drink to have? Answer: plain water, warm water, cold water and etc.

3) Sometimes you are not able to get the answer. This is because the answer to your question is not what your spirit wants. You have to think of another answer. Like, what kind of drink to have? > Wash the cup first. You need to learn to be better in associating different ideas.

4) Answers from spirit aren’t always right. This is especially on the rigid way of answering, like always stick to yes and no types of simple answering. Associating different ideas is better.

5) The communication can be disconnected. Just think of disconnecting it and it will not show up again. When this is done, the body will not move by itself, the consciousness center will disappear, until the next time you consciously think to connect to it again. Your spirit will not be able to overwrite this.

That’s the end of this tutorial.

If you like to put yourself into spiritual practices follow this link here: http://appliedastraldynamics.wikia.com/wiki/Thread:95

By Applied Astraldynamics Wikia