Story of my dragon past...

Hi, I am Jelly the dragon, fruity flavored... well I mean I am a vegan as a dragon. Still eat various food as human because of society.

Although I am a vegan dragon, I preserve a carnivorous form due to my past as a beast. I am originally a mindless beast, or I have push myself to become one due to my past. I am raised to a conscience by my handler, although I am not having my collar now, which I keep it in my treasure chest and sometime wear it to remind who I am. 

I am still looking for my handler, I dunno where has he gone... 

My handler is not with me now because I have to be independent, but most of the time I tend to be a jerk playing around like a pet animal. Beside my collar, I have saddle too, and it is in my treasure chest too. 

Story about my past...

I killed and destroyed meself, because back then having a conscience was too much for me. 

There have been saying that evil shall descend to hell because of the negativity they do.  Even now the situation is nearly the same, people wishes evil to cease by letting them destroying among themselves, so that in the end, people who has stayed clean, do not commit any negativity, will ascend and go to heaven.

I understood very well about that, however, I chose evil...

Because in my heart, it didn't felt right to abonden those who had left behind. To me, to ascend to heaven meant betrayal.

Although I had kept my promise to sleep with the fallen, but that was my fault too to kill those wished to  rise and live happyly ever after, I forced the light to curse and betrayed me, destroyed everyone who I had loved the most in order to make myself to be fallen. Even after that there were some who understood me and tried to bring me back, I created a curse that "Those who tries to help me shall be death", I teared apart the light and darkness.

My voices had lied the mind of my closest, my fangs had poisoned the body of my dearest, my claws had stained by blood of my firendiest and my jaws had crushed the bones of my worthiest. If there was anything that can lead me to the deepest abyst I did the worst.

Now, I can read the prophets whom claim to be unconditionally loving but are actually not serving the darkness. Such drama is still going on and on right now, but I am not interested in it anymore. All I can say is that these prophets will still ascend and live in their heaven, but they can never influence anyone that has kept silence to not interfere what these prophets are doings. I stay with the silences and know what they truly are which they don't even have to explain themselves for them to get known. This is what a true heart can read. 

The exact same thing happened to me of how my handler raised me. When I was the deepest abyst, talking would never worked on me, only action did. I was feed, cleaned and pet for no reason, because I would kill anyone who did the love thing. I was at the most selfish state to claim everything that had gave to me even it was intentionally free. There was not payback to serve me until one day I admitted that it was enough for me to be loved unconditionally in that way. I had to remove the curse I made...

At the same time, I had to stop the to be feed, to be clean and be pet thing, it feels good, but I have to carry my responsibility. 

That's all for my intro as a dragon.

Your faithfully, Jelly.

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