[Tutorial 00/04]Sitting meditation

This is the easiest practice, but the explanation is also the hardest. You have to read the previous tutorial 01, 02 and 03 about the pendulum, body and mind dowsing. Well, it is hard if you don't like reading. However, it is never the less due to your interest.


The practice:

0) Find a safe, clean and uninterrupted place to sit. Like on your bed. It is best after you take a bath.

1) Sit comfort with your leg crossed. The sitting pose doesn't really matter, except for the part that you have to sit in fully relaxed, where you head and back freely hanging down, that is, your body weight is sitting freely but is just about supported by your body mass center, without falling apart. So, just adjust your sitting pose until your body is stilled sit and fully relaxed.

2) Mentally focused and that's all. If you stay focus, your body will readjust your pose by itself, also your breathing and other alignments. 

3) Continue to focus. Until your body is fully relaxed again, back to the relaxed sitting pose at the beginning. However, your body may have changed the pose so it is not to return to the sitting pose at the beginning, but the relaxed part. 

4) If something interferes you during the meditation. Return your mental focus back to your body, let the body finishes its movement until it stops and fully relaxed. Try to think if your body has finished stopping the meditation by feeling if there is no more spontaneous body movement. 

That's all.

The important thing here is just about your mental focus. 



There are so many methods of sitting meditation, such as relaxing breathing, visualization technique, chanting, channeling energy of some sort etc.

All of the tutorials here have been emphasize on one thing: Mental focus. To say, without mental focus, it wouldn't be called as meditation anymore. If one is trying to focus on something, the thing will affect your mind, influences you on whatever you are focusing at. When you focus on a pendulum, it creates random movement or you psychokinetically move the pendulum, which are processes of energy transform from mind to matter. So when you focus at yourself, your body will move randomly but the most important part here is this creates energy at your body and this is how meditation fundamentally works. 

There are a lot of feelings that can occur during meditation, which can be summarized as below:

1) Random thoughts: Some methods of meditation intend to focus on removing the random thoughts, some try to avoid the random thoughts by focusing on some other good thoughts. However, to purely not to disturb the mind, is to simply keep on focus and do nothing about the random thoughts. 

2) Feelings, movements, wearing, interferences due to body: Unlike random thoughts, the feeling from body cannot be nullified. No matter how hard you keep focus, your body is still there and giving you feedback on how it feels. For issue like mosquito, hot or cold weather, peoples around, solve these external factors first before you start meditation. While mentally focused, ignores how your body feels. If your body always want to meditate naked, just unwear your cloth before you start. 

3) The relation between consciousness center and mass center with mental focus: There are two types of psychokinesis when mentally focusing on a pendulum: the first is random movements of the pendulum when being focused at mass center, and the another is intended psychokinesis movement by mind. These are actually the derivations of the standing and sleeping of meditations. The difference between focusing on a pendulum and during the meditations is, the first is to focus at mass center of the pendulum and the later is to focus on consciousness center on self. During standing meditation, it is to focus at a static consciousness center, which is analogous to focus at the mass center of a pendulum to create random movements. During sleeping meditation, it is to focus on a moving consciousness center, which is analogous to focus at the pendulum to move it psychokinetically. In case of sitting meditation, it is a combination of both standing and sleeping meditations. However, it is contrary to combine both standing and sleeping meditations because one focus on static consciousness center while another on moving. This contrary is the same with the focusing on the pendulum, where it is either the mental focus on a static mass center or psychokinetically push the mass center of pendulum. Thus, this derives the way of mental focus on the sitting meditation, which is not on a static consciousness center nor a moving one but just plain nothing.

That's all.

The important thing here, like the rest of the tutorials, is mental focus.

Sitting meditation is the simplest among all of the methods. However it does not have any usefulness such to connect with spirit. It simply trains mind and work with energy of body.

By Applied Astraldynamics Wikia